Cracking The Ground (Part 3)



The finale and round three 

Of this poetry 

But never from  

A bended knee 

As I sit atop 

Of the highest tree 

And looking upon the world 

As I fulfill my destiny 

All while on a poetic spree 

And also, from  

A firm standing position 

With synergy and energy 

From every poetic rendition 

Supply what has been missing 

And every intention 

With each poetic invention 

That I have envisioned 

That will nourish the literary 

With my own brand of 

Poetic nutrition 

And with a natural flow 

Of Floetry 

And be stunning 

Keep hitting the ground running 

Yet always hunting 


And thinking critically 

For the next poetic idea 

As I have and will always 

Hold poetry most dear 

Keep it always near 

Writing and reciting 

Without one ounce of fear 

And very glad to be here 

With the chance to spread 

My poetry about 

Sharing and putting it out 

And without a doubt 

For I have much poetic clout 

Thrilled to do so 

With no pout ever 

Not a task for me 

As I continue to endeavor 

And come up with something 

More lyrical and clever 

Cloaked and stealthy 

Yet poised to become 

More poetically healthy 

As this poet right here 

Is very swarthy 

And proud to be 

With the right poetic recipe 

Given to me 

And just sending 

Yet trying to send 

More of it around 

Hard hitting 

With more wordplay 

And lyrical spitting 

Pound for pound 

The left the right 

The up and down 

Taking to the sky 

And flying around 

All cities and towns 

So, stay with me 

And feel me 

On this poetry 

As we 


To crack the ground 


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