Cracking The Ground (Part 2)



Cracking the ground 

Part two 

And enjoying every minute 

Of what I do 

When it comes to poetry 

And my style called Floetry 

That just runs and flows 

And who knows 

Just where it may go 

Next and flow 

And be the shock wave I suppose 

The very bow 

Tied over a cold world 

So, I know 

From living this life 

And on a mission 

With every poetic rendition 

That I have written and write 

Spoken word that I 

Actually recite 

And attempting to inject hope 

But also be a poetic light 

That is sorely needed 

And have to write much more 

And share much more 

Before I can truly say 

That I have completely succeeded 

Cracking the ground 

All around 

And moving with purpose 

Both underneath and on the surface 

And doing so with urgence 

For me and poetry 

Continue an emergence 

Swimming through it all 

And will never drown 

So, watch me 

And bare witness 

As I continue to 

Crack the ground 


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