Cracking The Ground



Writing poetry 

That cracks the ground 

And doing so  

Despite all of the ups and downs 

Sound poetry 

That is to you from me 

And lighting up the world  

With plenty of poems 

Being a poetic storm 

As each thought of mine 

Gets formed 

Into words that wind up  

Later written on a page 

As I engage 

And collaborate 

With this thing called poetry 

And just laying it down 

Pound for pound 

Without even making a sound 

Everywhere you look around 

Dismissing frowns 

With poetry that causes smiles 

For miles and very worthwhile 

Each time that I write 


With poetry that bites 

And shine a poetic spotlight 

On the world 

And taking my poetry 

Leaps and bounds 

And will never stop doing this 

As I continue to crack the ground 


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