Universal Residents



We have always lived and resided 

In so called space 

And the known universe 

But not realizing  

In every single case 

Of the pseudoscience of our world 

Along with the descriptions and images thereof 

That we continue to face 

With the real truth of our Earth 

Being erased as much as possible 

But the one thing about the truth 

Is that the longer it stays hidden 

It will just grow and one day explode 

And run out everywhere it goes 

Heading in every direction 

And then becoming unstoppable 

Then what? 

We live under a dome 

And this InnerSpace that we live inside of 

Has always been our home 

No need to travel to space 

Or the universe 

Because we are already there 

Already in it 

A flat plane and stationary world 

With no gravity or spinning 

No rotating on an axis 

No revolving around the sun 

With it as the center of the universe 

For the sun and moon 

And the stars above 

Are all right in here with us 

Just at the very top of the dome 

The firmament as it is also called 

So, take a moment  

To let all of this sink in 

And take a pause 

For this truth was here 

And then went away 

Then replaced with lies and deceptions 

That have been on display 

For the last five hundred years 

But prior to this 

Everyone knew the truth 

As our InnerSpace here 

Was common knowledge 

And was very proud of this fact 

Knowing that our Earth 

Is the center of the universe 

With much evidence attached to back this up 

Both then and now 

But yet somehow 

We were convinced 

That all of this 

Was false and taught otherwise 

Displaying something different 

And stating the truth was lies 

A heliocentric universe 

That was never so 

And all they’ve done 

Is keep telling this same old lie 

And continue to watch it grow 

When even they know 

This not to be so 

That’s why you must know 

The truth for yourself 

And allow anyone to control you 

Or make you believe something else 

Look right and look left 

Up and down 

And all around 

For your natural senses given to you 

Will prove this and allow  

For the truth to be found 

But you have to be willing 

To leave it all behind 

And unlearn the falsehood and lies 

So that you can truly live your life 

In this world 

As it was truly intended to be 

Not left wandering  

And not going around circles 

As this was not meant 

So, it’s time to embrace 

Live and travel 

As the universal residents 


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