Cosmic Awareness



Cosmic awareness is not 

What we’ve been told 

That it is or will be 

For we 

Have gone so far away from the truth 

That we 

Can’t even recognize the smallest bit of it 

When it arrives 

Brainwashed and psychoanalyzed 

Over a long period of time 

As we will find 

For so much 

Is out of line 

Out of alignment 

As the geocentric 

Just came and went 

Or so we thought 

But it never went away 

And has always been the case 

And in place 

Since the very first day 

Of Earth’s creation 

No big bang theory 

No evolution 

For all of this  

Has been nothing but 

Deception and delusion 

Drawing upon conclusions 

Given by those 

Whom themselves know the real truth 

But yet instill 

Show and program something different 

Into you and everyone else

For man doesn’t know 

Everything about the universe 

Man doesn’t know the so-called laws  

Associated with all of this 

Other than the ones 

That they have fabricated 

Overstated and demonstrated 

Indicated and regulated 

And knocking those who are awake 

Mocking the truth as stating  

That is it highly overrated 

Heresy and lunacy 

Both we are off 

On our days and years 

Hours and weeks 

And time for the truth 

To have its day 

And come forward and speak 

As this world just wreaks of deception 

And using falsehoods and lies 

As very potent weapons 

Of mass delusion and confusion 

But our Creator 

Is not the author of this 

For what was created 

Designed and put forth 

Is quite obvious and evident 

If people will just take the time 

And research more of this 

Aliens do exist 

But even they are not what you think 

As we have been told and shown 

For its time to leave all of this falsehood alone 

And really return home to the truth 

Of our real universe 

Our real space 

For no one  

And I repeat 

No one has left this place 

And traveled into so called outer space 

Because our Creator placed 

A dome in 

Around and above our heads 

As most are so unaware 

And as far as the moon landings go

No one has been there 

For the sun and moon 

And the stars above 

Are called the luminaries 

Lights in the sky and atmosphere 

Of our InnerSpace 

As this has always been the case 

We can’t land on lights 

They are not terraforma 

For we are in the universe already 

The unknown one at that 

Because we have been told and fed 

Everything but the real facts 

And calling lies the truth 

For it is time people 

To wake up to the real world 

Around and above you 

Because space as you know it 

Is very different than what you know 

And the universe is also 

Very different from what you been shown and told 

So, research and learn the truth 

About your real world 

The real space and universe 

And give a hard look 

At these things in every single case 

Cosmic we are 

Cosmic we live 

Cosmic we breath in 

The cosmos we travel within 

Each day and night 

As we are the center of the universe 

An enclosed ecosystem and space 

That we have always existed in 

And continue to face 

So, don’t accept or believe 

Anything else  

Different or less 

For you are a sentient being 

That naturally possess

And should really tap into this 

With more success 

The ever going and present 

Cosmic awareness 


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