Walking Towards The Flat Truth



Flat and more flat 

And as a matter of truth 

Along with facts 

Not a personal attack 

But rather being informed 

So that you can react 

To what is real 

After the reveal 

And naturally take in 

As your senses have sealed 

Not making a deal 

Not an appeal 

For what you think you know 

For what you may feel 

After all of the years 

And having just a little bit 

Of denial and fear 

And what has always been around you 

Yet always near 

For the real truth of 

The very atmosphere 

The very universe 

Is wonderful and unique 

Never meant to be discreet 

Or reshaping the Earth 

To what man decided it to be 

Instead of what it was created to be 

And misleading along with teaching 

Displaying and deceiving 

The masses on a massive scale 

For we must think and research for ourselves 

And feel compelled 

To seek the truth 

Ask hard questions 

And be open to more 

For its time to open the door 

That has been closed 

Ridiculed and seen as lunacy 

As the truth gets told and exposed 

For our hearts and minds 

Cannot stay froze 

And continue to be programmed 

In lies and deception 

For we must go in a better direction 

And it all starts with self 

Be bold and daring 

And share the truth with someone else 

Not a theory or movement 

Not made up or craziness 

For if you trust your natural senses 

And truly do your research 

The consensus will be 

That what you’ve always known

And constantly see 

Will just not add up anymore 

And the source book 

Called the bible 

Will settle the score 

For in there lies so much more 

About the very world you think you know 

Time to move and have more growth 

Critical thinking instead of just being told 

For you don’t have to accept just anything 

Just because science deems it so 

For there are many things  

That they cannot prove 

And the truth will show 

Something entirely different 

And pose more questions 

That most won’t even know to ask 

And don’t see this as a task 

But instead require answers 

That were never given 

And become truth driven 

Against falsehoods  

And seek the kind of facts  

That can actually be proven 

And shown to you 

For this world was made exact 

And with a crystal-clear design 

That has always been displayed and conveyed 

As you walk towards the flat truth 


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