As A Matter Of Flat



This world is a flat plane 

A stationary world 

That has never moved 

And this is the flat truth 

Open your eyes 

To the real world around you 

And allow the truth 

To flow within you 

Both in mind and heart 

Using your natural senses 

To unveil what has always

Been right in front of you 

And much hidden from you 

Right in plain sight 

Shed the darkness of falsehood 

Lies and deceptions 

And step into the light 

Leaving behind the wrong 

And embracing what is right 

So that the real truth 

Will allow your mind and life 

To take flight 

And be willing to seek 

And fight for the truth 

That you truly deserve to know 

That no one ever had a right or authority 

To hide this away 

To lie about it 

To deceive and create something different 

Than what the Creator actually designed and made 

And falling for the misconceptions and delusions 

As the masses continue to believe 

And feeling the dire need 

For the world needs a reprieve 

And a sigh of relief from 

The lies that get displayed and conveyed 

And have tried everything 

To persuade and program 



Form and curve the very lands 

That are all around us 

And have always been 

Flat and stationary 

Not globular and spherical 

I feel like it would take a miracle 

Just to get everyone to see 

And really accept the truth 

That has always been right before 

Our very eyes 

But most rather stay comfortable 

Living with lies 

Deny and defy 

The truth when it presents itself 

And being okay with cognitive dissonance 

Like a fresh baked pie on the shelf 

For critical and free thinking is  

Not encouraged and has sorely left 

Because the world has become 

Frankly okay with someone else 

Doing all the thinking for them 

Instead doing this for self 

And diligently seek the truth 

Research and bust open the door 

That has been closed 

And be brave enough 

To even stand alone 

Once the truth gets exposed 

Instead of waiting for those 

That we are close to 

For you 

Can’t wait for everyone 

To have and share the same view 

You must do this for self 

No matter what 

And tell the globe lie 

That I 

Have had enough 

For this Earth of ours 

Is a lot more interesting 

And even more amazing 

Than we truly know 

But you must embrace  

And come face to face  

With the flat truth 

In order to access 

And allow the real world to flow 

Within you 

For there is plenty of info 

Available to us all  

To know the truth 

So, there is no excuse 

To not research this for yourself 

For if you never accept 

Your real life and purpose 

Along with the actual meaning 

Then what is really left? 

For you are more than some speck 

You are not nothing 

And this world is not 

One of many 

It is the only 

It is the universe 

All right here 

And has always been 

For at one time 

We all knew this to be true 

Not a movement or some theory 

Lunacy or conspiracy 

For how can you live life 

To its fullest 

When you are living a lie 

And don’t know the truth 

For this is the question 

That should occupy our minds 

And with time 

We will find 

That the deep deceptions and lies 

That have been shown and told to us 

Will eventually be dead in the water 

As the real world we reside in 

Has a real purpose 

And a natural order 

That is pure biblical fact 

No spinning or gravity 

No blue curved ball or globe 

But rather still and immovable 

And as matter of flat 



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