The Gentle Breeze Among The Leaves



Taking in the air outside 

As it is cool and breezy 

And this moment is mine 

Walking around and feeling this 

And not something that I 

Would ever want to miss 

As I’m here in the midst 

Of this flowing essence 

Leaves waving 

And memory saving 

This time and place 

That feels nothing short of less 

Of relaxation and with an indication 

Of peace and natural harmony 

That right here and now 

Decided to choose me 

To tickle and flair the senses 

And be the very thing 

That I was missing 

As I listen 

To the sounds of the breeze 

As it passes around  

And through the leaves 

With a direct path 

And predetermined destiny 

Or so it seems 

Feeling cool and so free 

Feeling so soothing

As it flows around me 

Embracing aspects of physical 



And mental 

As I want and desire 

More of this please 

Just to stand and embrace this once again 

From among the trees 

As it attempts to  

Communicate and connects more with me 

And ever so naturally 

As I’m here and absorbing 

The gentle breeze among the leaves 


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