Melting Away



As I look about this world 

I am noticing 

More and more of it 

And any real hope for society 

That consists 

Of everything needed 

That doesn’t actually exist 

Night by night 

And day by day 

With any signs of real peace and harmony 

Just melting away 

Take a look around for yourselves 

And see exactly what I mean 

The bad  

The ugly 

And the in between 

The black 

The white 

With shades of gray in between 

Just look around and see 

Don’t be naïve 

Or deceived 

Just take time to notice 

The evil spreading 

And carrying on like nothing 

As the memory 

Of anything mostly good 

Is starting and beginning 

To simply fade away 

In so many aspects 

Even more than I can convey 

More than what is on display 

And so, I say 

My peace here 

For this world is in utter chaos 

Way more than it actually appears 

Thinking all is okay 

When there should be some fear 

And reaching for more hope 

Even when it’s not near 

Feeling the unsettling vibes 

On both the ground 

And the atmosphere 

As more and more 

Of what is good and just 

Goes away and disappears 

Melting away like ice 

Until there is nothing left 

That even resembled the before 

But showcasing so much of the aftermath 

Just rotting at the core

Some are worried 

But others laugh it off 

Has anyone really noticed 

Exactly what we’ve lost 

Counted the consequences and costs 

Along with the constant and repeated mistakes 

But also, that which has been done on purpose 

And consistently circles

Does anyone see what’s really happening? 

Does anyone really see what going on here? 

And just how vital and urgent 

It truly is 

Ignoring the signs all around 

Due to concentrating on fun 

And what gives 

Or focused solely and only 

On what we want to do and how

We prefer to live 

While calamity ensues 


Real darkness looms 

Ignoring the gloom 

That dims the light 

Of a world feeling blue 

And what have you 

As I continue to  

Carefully observe 

All of my surroundings 

And you should too 

Both night and day 

So, time to wake up 

To the chaotic things around us 

For this is what we all face 

As I wanted to relay 

And take real care of yourself 

As well as others 

For the world as we know it 

Is steadily melting away 


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