The Maroon Hours

Expressing my thoughts and being real….




Here alone 

Thinking about life 

And all that it has done 

Along with the lack thereof 

Looking both down at the ground 

And also, high above 

For life at times  

Has been the very glove 

That just didn’t fit 

And went through quite an ordeal 

Because of this 

But I would be remiss 

If I didn’t open up 

And convey this 

Express this 

Open hands and arms stretched out 

That later turn into tightly closed fists 

With tears at times 

Streaming from the eyes 

Along with asking why 

Why me 

Why all of this 

Why not at all 

As I fall 

Down on my knees 

Try to relax and just breathe 

And really feeling 

All that is resonating 

Inside of me 

Nearly filled to capacity 

But I’m still here 

I’m still breathing 

As I awakened to another day 

And with a chance to be better 

Than the day before 

Trying to navigate through 

A world that is so cold and sore 

Trying to walk among people 

That contend that I am less 

Instead of more 

With skin that is brown in color 

And due to this pigment 

I often get treated 

Far worse than others 

No benefit of the doubt 

Due to being seen as always guilty 

Even when I’ve done nothing at all 

Harmed no one 

Mean no harm 

But it doesn’t seem to matter 

As I continue to listen 

To click and clatter 

And hateful chatter 

As this weighs heavily  

On my back and shoulders 

Both night and day 

Both young and older 

As the racism around 

Gets bolder and bolder 

In various ways 

And just trying to maintain 

In a world that sees me  

And my people as the enemy 


And experiencing 


And not caring 

At all  

About what we go through 

Nor how it makes us feel 

Just too busy and fixated 

On making us fall 

And ignoring what is truly real 

As this seems to appeal 

To the masses 

But fault and blame 

Can be had on both ends 

As some injure their own selves 

With bad decisions 

That can’t be blamed 

On anyone else 

And not make the necessary change 

Or provisions 

To help improve one’s self 

Yet many factors 

Have certainly contributed 

And much hate and injustice 

Constantly distributed 

Acting like animals 

Instead of human beings 

And even animals at times 

Have shown more compassion 

Instead having negative reactions 

And making excuses to do so 

Living in a world and a society 

That hasn’t really grown  

Beyond the stone age  

When it comes to actions and behaviors 

And finding favor in things 

That never brings light or hope 

Where it is truly needed 

Or really belong 

Just too busy ignoring the right 

And embracing the wrongs 

So just how long 

Must this go on 

Before it all implodes and explodes 

And nothing at all is even left 

Think about that 

Think about this 

The next time you mistreat someone 

That is different from you 

As karma is a real thing 

And will eventually find you 

Despite class or power 

Caves or towers 

Watching and witnessing 

Myself and others like me 

Endure the maroon hours 


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