Snow Blended With Dry Ground



Dry ground all around 

As the sun shines 

And the air is heat fed 

But up ahead 

Is a snow filled mountain 

Mixed with a little cold 

And blending into the surroundings 

Where many footprints 

Will have trod and tread 

Yet instead 

Looking from a distance 

And of an amazing natural view 

Picture perfect 

And described more this way 

Than words could have ever said 

Nice and blue overhead 

With clouds and snow matching in color 

For between the ground  

And the covered mountains 

This is an image like no other 

Just a place that I want to stay 

And look at for a while 

Staring directly and with a smile 

And enjoying the environment here 

Just all around 

As I’m basking in the uniqueness 

Of the snow blended with dry ground 



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