A world that came together 

And stayed that way forever 


A life without pain and suffering 

And with it 

All the happiness and peace 

That it brings 


No hatred and injustice 

And living life 

With more substance 


Light and no darkness 

And the very essence 

Of having more success 


Having more instead of less 

No rich or poor 

Just everyone living at their best 


Taking to the skies as birds 

And having the ability 

To do amazing things 

Never before seen or heard 


Exploring the depths of the seas 

Where traveling there 

Was never a problem 

And could keep on breathing 


For just a second 

That this world was at its best 

Being able to coalesce 

And allowing all 

To truly relax and rest 

Just Imagine 

Residing and being 

In a virtual paradise 

And never had to be concerned 

About the heat or ice 

And being ever so nice 

Not one worry or gripe 

Just smiles for days 

And laughs at night 

With all the necessities 

Covered more than twice 

And not once feeling the bite 

Of anything negative 

Just all positive 

As this was life 

Now imagine 

All of this never happening 

But the polar opposite instead 

With many things plaguing 

Both the living and dead 

Dreams unfilled 

And nightmares after going to bed 

Harsh and cold times on the daily 

And many tears streaming nightly 

Yet feeling often  

The loss of hope 

And having to cope 

With everything viral 

But no cure or antidote 

And the realization 

Of what is thought and spoke 

Whether asleep or awoke 

As everyone took note 

Of all of these things and more 

That surrounded us all 

And having a front row seat 

As we watch the world  

Take a dive and fall 

Oh, but wait 

We don’t have to imagine 

Such things 

Because this is reality 

Both past and present 

And with the not too distant future 

Seeming and forming 

Yet gearing up to be  

The very same way 

Completely on display 

Without any intelligent discussions

Just constant disruptions

And eruptions

Without much needed change or adjustments 

Anywhere in sight 

From anyone 

Or anywhere 

Due to simply 

Not enough care 

But an over abundance 

Of despair 

Well beyond what anyone can count 

Like the grains of sand 

Or the number of hairs 

But just imagine for a moment 

How much better this world 

Could and would have been 

If it had been full 

Of real peace and harmony 

Love and care 



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