Residing And Hiding Away From The World

The place where I never want to be found




 For what I want 

For what I desire 

Is to arrive and reside 

For more than a while 

In a place that will take me higher 

With the very real possibility 

To stay there permanently 

Until my time in this world expires 

A place to which 

I never want to leave 

And not caring at all 

That I’m there alone 

All of the days 

The evenings and nights long 

Not caring if it may feel wrong 

To others not around 

For this feels right and just 

As I’m destination bound 

And feeling the waters around 

And feeling the very ground 

Underneath my feet 

Wanting this place here 

To be only mine 

And very discreet 

Not wanting to share this place 

With another soul 

Just me and it alone 

And watching the days and nights 

Just roll along 

As this would be the life 

And putting a true end 

To previous stress and strife 

That was daily and nightly 

But not here though 

For here I can truly be 

And live 

Yet do more than just exist 

And truly feel free enough 

To just let it all go 

Looking forward only from here 

And surrounding myself 

With such a serene and tranquil environment 

Along with the vivid atmosphere 

And just where do I go from here 

This answer is nowhere at all 

As I finally feel balanced 

And feel like I can fly and soar 

To never crash again or fall 

Living and breathing 

Yet truly proceeding with life 

Without it taking a pause 

For I have no intentions 

Of ever leaving here 

And plan every minute and hour 

That goes by 

To be here  

Nice and warm 

As I wear this whole area 

As a blanket beneath 

For underneath and within I curl 

And finding myself here forever 

Residing and hiding away from the world 


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