Empty As A Glass (Part 2)



The transparency 

And crystal reality 

Of those that seemed fill 

But in all cases 

They are very dry and empty 

As they stagnate through life 

Watching it go by 

And just lying very still 

For they have killed 

Any chance of hope 

Or motivation 

And if you look close enough 

You can see actual indications 

No matter how hard 

They try to hide the truth 

Seeming bright yellow outside 

But instead a very deep blue 

Most defy this 

And live in a state of absolute denial 

Placing their own lives on trial 

Even if for a little while 

And tend to compile all the negatives 

While others have come forward 

Through admittance and acceptance 

Of what that are dealing with 

And have even admit 

That they often feel lost and confused 

As an empty glass sitting inside  

Very worn out shoes 

Begging for a win 

But more accustomed to a loss 

Yet haven’t chosen to lose 

But have been stuck in this place though 

For far too long 

And all along 

Just going through the motions 

Feeling and experiencing 

That same old tune and song 

Stuck in a virtual trance 

With no will to dance 

But hoping to one day 

Find some balance 

Or at least those who 

Haven’t given up on life 

Merging through the stress and strife 

Ready to step out of dark 

And bring in the light 

Wanting to conquer the wrongs 

And inject the rights 

As all of this will eventually 

And hopefully 

Cease to exist 

And come to pass 

So that this leads the way 

To being and feeling  

Actually, full for once 

Or simply again 

Bringing personal chaos to a close 

And also, an end 

But ready to start  

All over again 

As I wish this  

For all who feel or have felt this way 

At any time during their life 

And be able to seek real peace  

Along with lasting happiness

That will forget about the past 

And no longer be or feel 

As empty as a glass 


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