Empty As A Glass



Presently now 

And also, times past 

For there are people 

That are as empty as a glass 

Some very see through 

And others very closed up 

Many that have had enough 

With some out of touch with reality 

Some living good 

While others have had it tough 

Life being rough 

And as such 

Feeling empty inside 

But there are those  

That appear and feel on the outside 

Just fine 

But you’ll find with time 

That most are a train wreck 

At the core inside 

Fake smiles 

Just to appear okay  

But really hurting on the inside 

Burying emotions within 

And inside the mind 

Feeling like there is a deep hole 

That has yet to be filled 

And as time goes on 

This gets more and more revealed 

Moving outside 

While the inside sits still 

With happiness 

That just doesn’t seem to last 

But just trying to hang on 

For dear life

All while feeling empty as a glass 


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