Lyrical Journey



I am the lyrical 

As an avid 

And artistic individual 

Poetically original 

With words that move rapid 

And also, with a flow 

With poetry that is residual 

Thinking critical 

Very spiritual 

And oh, to be 

So lyrical 

Flat and fiery inside 

But my poetic motion is spherical 

The recipe and potion 

And the right literary ingredients 

That crashes and covers land 

Like the oceans 

Obedient to my passion 

No disruption from action 

And having a unique and fulfilling 

Poetic satisfaction 

As I’m poised  

And always ready to make some noise 

As my lyrics cause a chain reaction 

And ever so bold 

As poetry long ago 

Welcomed me to the fold 

And allowed myself to accept this 

And to be so 

Never let go 

Full and never empty 

As I take hold 

And take control 

Being on a roll 

Feeling whole 

Deep down in my 

Poetic soul 

For who knows 

When I reach the black hole 

Of this world 

Light it up with words 

And shine brightly as the rare pearl 

Through the power of words and lines 

Along with the many poetic rhymes 

And be a sign for the times 

Yet magnify 


Take off and fly 

From a standing position 

And having every intention 

Of never failing at my poetic mission 

When it comes to every rendition 

And my absolute submission 

Through what I dream and envision 

My poetry to be 

And allow the world 

Through sharing 

My poetry  

To be received and perceived 


And hopefully 

Take each and every one of you 

Until I turn blue 

And be the very glue 



And enjoying 

As my passion for poetry 

Is always burning 

And steady learning 

All the time 

And evolving 

Each poetic piece of mine 

For all to see

On this vast 

And never ending 

Lyrical journey 


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