Poetry Is The Door



Poetry is the door 

To even more 

And to explore  

The literary world 

As the art itself 

Twists and twirls 

It’s way into our minds and hearts 

Memories and to all 

Both near and far 

Poetry is the door 

That breaches the poet’s own mind 

And with that 

Over time 

Writes and just invites 

The pen and paper 

And begins a journey 

To which one never desires to leave 

From the artistic and creative 

Energy and ideas received 

And always feeling the need 

To feed that fire inside 

That will eventually 

Push the poetic flames 

To the outside 

And become something amazing 

Right before the poet’s very eyes 

And into the sight of others as well 

Feeling compelled to share 

And take the poetic everywhere 

So there 

Yet care 

To initiate more 

Light in a world  

That continues to remain 

A bit sore 

And push a little bit of hope 

To all from the very core 

Of the poetic passion 

That lies within 

And so  

Let’s begin 

Down this poetic path 

As we all witness the aftermath 

With each reveal 

And allowing time 

For a just a little while 

To simply sit still 

As we await some more 

For the opening to this art 

Knocks avidly 

As poetry is the door 


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