Architect Of Rhyme



For I find 

That with time 

As poetry continues 

To just fall in line 

With each and every rhyme 

All while on  

My constant poetic grind 

Write and then rewind 

Speak and then combine 

The poetic words 

That I setup and serve 

Line by line 

With something new and not heard 

Read and continues to occur 

Being here always 

And not just a blur 

For through much dedication 




Literary sensation 

Poetic quotations 

Lyrical formation 

Creative origination 

My poetic possessions 

And feeding more of my  

Poetical obsession 

From flame to fire 

Aiming always to go higher 

For I aspire 

To never retire 

But rather encompass 

The poetic energy and synergy 

And be the very wire 

Running with electricity 

For poetry for me is dire 

And leaving behind a poetic legacy 

Right after building an empire 

The tread to the tire 

The seller and buyer 

As me and poetry 

Continue to conspire 

No nervousness or hesitation 

So, I never perspire 

When it comes to poetry 

And watch me 

Be and go on 

A poetic killing spree 

And be 

The very leaf that is flying 

That came from the tallest tree 

Living my poetic destiny 

Breathing in the literary 

And exhaling lyrically 

As me and poetry 

Are clearly one in the same 

Take one away 

And nothing remains 

For I will go unchanged 

As I intend to shakeup 

And wake up the world 

As I rearrange 

The norm and strange 

Being down range 

And covering every single mile 

Yet doing so with a smile 

As me and poetry have compiled 

For a while 

And laying down more  

Poetic tiles 

The ups and downs 

The focused and trials 

Being so proud 

As I rock the crowds 

All around 

Pound for pound 

Leaning up 

And turning upside down 

For there is no stopping me 

For I am a poetic anomaly 

And found the recipe 

To take me and poetry 

To further places and heights unknown 

And to level up and evolve 

As I’m always in the zone 

Occupied and alone 

As I further condone 

More unique pieces and works 

Of poetry 

With even more energy 

As I enjoy the perks 

Crossing lines and boundaries 

With each poetic work 

And doing so 

Without limitation 

Spreading across to every nation 

To send out hope and motivation 

And light up the world 

In all locations 

Through poetic demonstrations 

And to exist for all time 

Attacking the darkness 

And cause it to shine 

With unique poetry 

I call Floetry 

And all mine 

On my poetic grind 

Sending shock waves out 

Through and within 

Each poetic word and line 

For with poetry 

I have become more defined 

As a poet 

Will always show it 

And making sure 

That the whole world knows it 

And leaving a poetic legacy behind 

Seek and further thrive 

Silky fine 

Both now and over time 

As I have finally become 

The architect of rhyme 


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