Rhyme Maker (Part 2)



For what I face 

In each poetic case 

And will always find a trace 

Words sprayed like mace 

For the connection  

And intersection  

Between me and poetry 

Will never be erased 

As my words grace 

The page 

Written with the pen 

As I further engage 

Done with fire 

But not rage 

As I 






The poetic laser beam and ray 

The silver and tray 

And done in such a way 

That always ignites the poetic 

Constantly floetic 



Equally electric 

With a flow 

That is on a roll 

And just let it be so 

To rhyme and grow 

Aiming for more 

Pulled from my very core 

Rip and roar 

Write and pour 

Speak but never ignore 

For poetry for me 

Is never a task or a chore 

Don’t get bored 

Fly and soar 

As these poetic lines 

Just tore 

Right through 

The literary view 

And further ensues 

Doesn’t sing the blues 

As I  

Continue to stand 

In these fast paced 

And moving shoes 

For me and poetry 

Are stuck together like glue 

And lighting up the world 

From me to all of you 

As I 

Have evolved and grew 

And leveled up 

Times two 

Smart and tough 

Never too much 

Fiery and such 

And a plus 

Never out of touch 

Smooth and silky 

And not rough 

And move about 

Like a gush of wind 

From beginning to end 

Just say when 

And never compromising 

My beliefs  

Not now or then 

Plan to win 

And doing so with a grin 

No intentions to offend 

Strong and won’t bend 

Truth and no pretend 

And doing so 

Over and over again 

As I 

Unleash more poetry 

With the weapon I call a pen 

My unique style and trend 

That is known as Floetry 

Moving and flowing 

For all to experience and see 

And bringing out 

The very best parts of me 

As me and poetry 

Always agree 

The root and tree 

The ground and seed 

And surpassing the literary 

Upon various degrees 

For I possess  

The poetical recipe 

And initiate this 

Like on a killing spree 

Without any borders 

Or barriers 

Gliding and hovering 

Like a harrier 

As this piece right here 

Turned me into 

The poetic carrier 

No hater 

The fader 

Lyrical creator 

Rising as water vapor 

Becoming greater

Uniquely tailored

Planning the next poetic caper 

See you all later 

For I’ve come back as 

The rhyme maker 


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