Residual Poetry



Poetry that remains 

Even after the greater parts 

Have been removed 

And made a slight change 

Line by line 

And word for word 

That comes after it arrives 

From the mind 

And at times 

Gets rearranged 

And be something 

Never before seen or heard 

Originality at its best 

And not accepting  

Of anything less 

As a poet 

Is always put to the test 

When it comes to this thing 

Called poetry 

Many poems of quantity 

But more focused on  

The artistic 

The creativity 

The uniqueness and quality 

Freely expressing 

And allowed for 

Writing and reciting 

With the hunger and desire for more 

As poetry for a poet 

Resides at their very core 

And will came back around 

And always make a solid return 

Because the fire inside of a true poet 

Constantly and consistently burns 

And is something that is learned 

Early on 

And pays poetic dividends 

As the poet lives and goes along 

And never feels wrong 

As poetry is prone 

To insist and make a poet 

Hone their poetic skill 

As each poetical piece  

Will reveal 

Critical thought 

Per each artistic piece 

From this expressive individual 

And staying on the course  

And journey of poetry 

As it becomes residual 


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