Free The Heart And Mind



To live and die 

To chill and unwind 

To live and breathe 

In today’s times 

To follow or lead 

Or just fall in line 

Moving on or staying behind 

But can you truly  

Free the heart and mind 

Be found or find 

Seem okay or just fine 

Forgiving others 

Along with self 

And doing things 

And being things 

That no one else 

Seems or wants to be 

Ignoring or embracing destiny 

Denying or accepting 

Yourself as you are 

But also the ability 

To adapt and improve  

By far 

Despite the wounds and scars 

The accomplished and not yet 

And living life to the fullest 

Until your very last breath 

Living and not just existing 

While on your daily grind 

But can you truly 

Free the heart and mind 

Being okay with self 

Even if no one else was 

Moving on and pressing on 

With or without a hug 

With or without love 

And able to leap over 

Or pass by 

The things and people 

That attempt to get in the way 

And push on with your day 

Yet convey and exude strength 

Even when not fully there 

Pushing on with life 

Even if no one seems to care 

Or even there for you 

And being what  

You chose and choose 

And walking on your bare feet 

Or also with shoes 

Paying your dues 

A winning mindset 

Even if your surroundings 

Want you to lose 

And taking all of your energies 

To compile and combine 

Survive and shine 

But can you truly 

Free the heart and mind 

Connecting with this world 

In ways that  

You can’t always explain or even say 

Moving about life 

In such a way 

And facing life head on 

Both night and day 

As you journey and take yourself 

To another plain or place 

Leaving others in confusion 

And disarray 

Both yet you move on 

And carry on anyway 

As if not a care in the world 

Aiming and striving to be 

The oyster and the pearl 

As you curl into life 

That is, you 

And letting things beyond 

But also, within grips 


And allow it to come to you 

Because you have every intention 

Of seeing life through 

Despite all that comes 

In contact with you 

You just do you 

You do what can do 

You do because you can 

And not allowing 

Not one woman or man 

To dictate life and its terms for you 

As you connect simultaneously 

With your inner and outer self 

And trying to reach 

The shelf 

Of the spiritual side of you 

And never be torn in two 

Bypassing feeling blue 

And accessing 

More of you 

The physical 

The mental 

The emotional 

That has become you 

And turning on the bright light 

In the middle of darkness 

That at times may surround you 

The tree and pine 

The stars that shine 

The open and not closed 

The very heat 

That comes from the stove 

And who knows 

Just where you might go 

Even in the mist of cold 

And climbing out 

After you fell down in a hole 

Because you go on 

Because you always try 

As many will find 

But riddle me this 

Can you  

And have you 

Truly freed 

Your heart and mind 


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