Nature Can Be



Nature can be 

Just so amazing 

With beauty seen 

All around 

Unique and intriguing 

Mysterious and interesting 

Beyond leaps and bounds 

And sometimes 

There are just no words 

Or the exact description 

To describe all that it is 

And can be 

All that it comprises 

From the sun setting 

To the sun rising 

And the moonlit hours 

For nature has such a force 

And a consistent power

But of course 

It has always been this way 

And will remain 

Evolving at times 

Yet also maintaining the same 

The unique and strange 

The changed and unchanged 

And being the very bane 

Of the world around us all 

And being wondrous 

As each one can recall 

Between the young and old 

The timid and bold 

The hot and cold 

And with a consistency 

And intensity 

That will always be 

Accepted and sold 

Gathered as a whole 

As we live and observe daily 

And nightly 

As these natural occurrences unfold 

For nature can be 

Both nothing and everything 

Taken in by the seen and unseen 

By land and by sea 

Also, by air and demonstrating everywhere 

For there is nothing that can compare 

Substitute or replace 

In any case 

As nature itself 

Leaves and arrives 

With and without a trace 

For nature is what we constantly face 

No matter where we are 

And everywhere we look and turn 

It is always right there 

Ever present and something that 

We all share 

Among all living things 

And can’t wait to see next 

Exactly what nature will bring 

In a world that is very much alive 

And living 

And just being 

All that it is 

And was always intended to be 

For this and more 

Is what nature is 

And can be 


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