To Tackle With Life



From morning to night 

Darkness and light 

Moving about this world and time 

And in the process 

Whether more or less 

Stay back or fight 

We all have to tackle  

With this life 

Even when things go wrong 

And when things go right 

When things go according to plan 

Or not at all 

Dealing with people 

Both those we like 

And to which we don’t get along 


Or the same old song 

Up and down 

Side to side 

Out of sync 

Or in the zone 

On the brink 

And all the things that link 

Us to each other and this world 

Conflict or fight 

Harmony or peace 

Yet despite it all 

We still have to tackle life 

Sometimes it bites 

Sometimes it’s awesome 

Drawn sometimes to its light 

Or choosing to hide in the dark 

To journey or embark 

To sit still and watch it pass you by 

Saying hello and hi 

Or waving the many goodbyes 

The good  

The bad 

The stress 

The strife 

The fun  

The thrills 

The laughter and chills 

The brave and the fearful 

The courageous and plentiful 

The strong 

The weak 

The hard 

The meek 


Or winning streak 

Man and woman 

Boy and girl 

Living and being apart 

Of life 

Or opting out of it 

And deciding not to live 

Missing out 

Or taking a chance 

To receive 

And to give 

Wonder and curiosity

The fair and unfair 

The cool and despair 

To be selfish 

Or even share 

To be naïve 

Or very much aware 

The cold 

The hate 

The love 

The mistakes 

The evil 

The good 

Left or right 

And those that care 

Along with those that don’t 

Can’t and won’t 

Or sweet to the core 

And looking to create 

Many smiles more 

The agile and sore 

The exciting and bored 

Grounded or soar 

Fly or drive 

Leave and arrive 

Happy tears 

And painful ones from the eyes 

The shocked 

The surprised 

The fall 

The rise 

All encompassed 

During the days of our lives 

The how 

The why 

The questions 

The answers 

The real and fake 

The agreements 

And debates 

On time or far too late 

Pushing forward 

Or doomed to rewind 

For this is life 

The black 

The white 

And the gray in between 

Is and isn’t 

Or what it seems 

The wrong  

The right 

To suppress or strike 

For the one thing 

We all have in common 

And must do always 

Is to tackle and wrestle 

With this life 


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