The Poetical Blueprint



Taking on poetry 

And its many forms 

With so many to list and name 

But can be anything it wants 

Both the different and norm 

For poetry is a storm 

In the minds and hands 

Of a poet 

And the more they know it 

The more they grow it 

Construct it 

Design it 

Write it 

And speak this 

For when it comes to poetry 

There are no boundaries or limits 

Just what your literary mind 

And imagination 

Along with creativity  

And critical thinking and conjure up 

Whether over time or abrupt 

And for a true poet 

You just can’t write enough 

Of this poetic stuff 

Following your heart and emotions 

And leading with poetic devotion 

That winds up being unique commotion 

That at times just flows along 

Like the very oceans 

Going with the flow 

Going with forms and lines 

That stem from the old times 

Or even merging with the modern times 

And can go with this 

Or develop your very own style 

Following a poetical blueprint 

And also, completely off the cuff 

Stemming from a rough draft 

With much editing taken place 

To refine and define 

Exactly what this will come to be 

And for all to see 

Sharing inner thoughts  

So willingly and freely 

Yet openly 

And after the poem arrives 

Be an amazing read 

And be committed to memory 

Even though no one ever sees 

The work and energy 

Time and thinking 

Each line a poet is  

Creating and writing 

That took place 

Behind the scenes 

But hopefully 

Shook up the world 

As we know it 

To light it all 

Is the purpose of a poet 

And do so diligently 

For we 

Have a responsibility 

When it come to the power of words 

And to what we are spreading 

Around both up and down 

For we want poetry 

To make plenty of noise 

And sound 

As we go 

Leaps and bounds 

Through artistic  

And poetic indications 

As poetry is always open to interpretation 

And even after it goes 

But therefore went 

And all of time and effort spend 

Along with the literary sent 

As we as poets 

Follow or create 

The poetical blueprint 



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