Recite (Part 4)



The finale

And part four

Just giving a little bit more

Trying to wake up

And shake up

This world at the very core

Some may ask what for

Because they don’t truly know

What this poet has enstore

As I

Aim to restore

Hit the ceilings and floor

For I adore


As it and will be

One of the very best

Parts of me

The open and closed door

With a poetic flow

That can’t be contained

And shut in

By vault or window


Feel me on this

No hit and miss

An open hand

And a closed fist


And curving

This poetic appetite

To incorporate

More bites

And grip

Never fall or slip

So, sit back


And take a sip

Of this poetry

I call floetry

That will feel like a wildfire

For I have a strong passion and desire

As I

Have set my sights

On even higher

As I


To ignite more poetic flames

And conspire with poetry

To cause a chain reaction

And break the chains

That may remain

From the unreached

And unchanged

A feat

That I accept

And will breach

Upon many depths

Even if I

Have to do it by myself

For poetry is unlike

Anything else

And quite the powerful thing

Both in and of itself

Lighting words on fire

Lines surging with energy

And burning the tread off tires




And will never regret it

Fret it

As this poetry

Displays a very unique

Style and aesthetic

The poetical

The poetic

The psychology

The poemology

Of it

The science and rareness

That exists within a poet

Tons instead of a small bit

The critical

The individual

The subliminal

The optimal

The residual

The pinnacle

The radical

The plentiful

The trivial

The lyrical

The literary miracle

Flat and spherical


Beyond the normal

The general

The complex

The next

That offsets

The rest

And introducing

The very best

And coming up with much more

Just when you thought nothing was left

To fill and pour

To reveal and roar

As I

End this poetic series

And storm

Even though I have much more

Burning and buried

Within my very core

Finalizing and tantalizing

With the last one called

Recite four


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