Recite (Part 3)



Having turned this one 

Into a trilogy 

Coming at you once again 

With this part three 


And ready to do so 


For this is all about poetry 

Not a hyperbole 

Defy that which gets denied 

As poetry has allowed me 

To touch the sky 

The art 

The abstract 

Words that attack 

And strike back 


As a matter of fact 

For this is poetry personified 

From all that is read and seen 

And magnified 


And open ended 

Never froze 

Or tightly closed 

For I suppose 

And who knows 

The next place 

That poetry and me will go 

As I feel its essence 

Throughout my fingers and toes 

Constant poetic growth 

And felt deep down 

In my heart and soul 

Allowing my poetic voice 

To be heard 

And serve these words 

In such a way 

That will display 

Convey and relay 

Exactly what it is 

That I meant to express and say 

All night 

And all day 

Along the poetic power beheld 

As I 

Constantly feel compelled 

To just take it there 

On and off the rails 

Spoken and speaking 

And being far reaching 


Bleeding and breathing 

From a place 

Of deep critical thoughts 

That are written across my face 

For poetry is something 

I never want to replace 

In any case 

Face to face 

For with me 

And through me 

Will there always be a trace 

And poetic inventions 

Original renditions 

For I journey 

And set out on a poetic expedition 

My food for thought 

And literary nutrition 

Lyrical attrition 

With a constant increase 

As I release 

More poetic pieces 

That are ripe for the taking 

And no mistaking 

The force that I come with 

The amount of time and energy spent 

Constantly feeling this 

Can’t resist 

For I persist 

To be about this 

Handcuffed to my mind and wrists 

Is the pen and paper 

As I  

Devise my next poetic caper 

With words and lines 

That come and go 

Like water vapor 

And aiming to 

Take the stage 

And conquer that stage 

Word for word 

Line by line 

Page by page 

As I engage 

This poetical fire inside 

That will never fade 

And come what may 

When poetry is involved 

Grabbing the mic 

And spitting rhymes 

That eradicate the times 

As most will find 

As me and poetry 

Are comprised 

Of electricity 

And the style of floetry 

For all to witness 

Experience and see 

And doing so 

Upon various degrees 

The poetic siege 

And takeover is apparent 

Imminent and obviously 

And feeling this vibe 

For sometime 

While on this poetic grind 

As I wrap this trilogy 

For it was enlightening 

Exciting and being 

A bolt of lightning 

And spreading 

My work all over 

Both written and verbally 

Breaching the darkness and light 


A poetic right 

And no oversight 

Yet completely fiery 

And armed with the best 

Parts of me 

For this right here 

Is recite part three


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