A Thousand Lifetimes



If I could live and fly

A thousand lifetimes

Would I

Just sit still or stand

And look up at the sky

From below and underneath

Its atmospheric amazement above

And for a mere and brief moment

Show me some love

The kind of love

That just falls in line

And scattered abroad

For a thousand lifetimes

If I could die and live again

And had gone beyond

Countless and timeless trends

Just to live and breathe

And start over again

For it’s just a matter of when

As a sure breeze comes and circles

Along with the wind

And carrying on

And moving on

From where it began

Would it include me

Or seclude me

And thinking upon and back

To memories that I like to

Relive and rewind

On the very moments

That once shined

And do so constantly

Over a thousand lifetimes

If I could run continuously

While accessing myself spiritually

Yet running to and away from


To a destiny that has been

Just waiting for me

And be

All that was meant

To succeed and proceed

Yet indeed and be

The falling seeds that hit the ground

Then began to grow

And to become even bigger

Than I ever will truly know

From young to old

Age upon age

And in such a way

As to combine

All the years that were lived

And further attempts of happiness tried

Doing so again for a thousand lifetimes

If I could inject hope

In a world left sore

And continue to pour

This even more and after

The jar of life was already full

And pull faith and energy

That would and could

Far surpass any and everything

Both seen and unseen

And spend life just contributing

To such things

That go well beyond just me

And subjecting

Many to the things

That matter most

And doing so

With every single post

As I toast

To the very best aspects of life

And be the single kite

Flying in the midst

Of a colorful multitude

And having the right attitude

That would set an example

For many years to come

And be ample

With each sample

After all is said and done

With a mark left behind

And one that I was proud

Always to call mine

For I could do this

And so much more

Over a thousand lifetimes


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