If I Could Turn Back Time



If I could turn back time

I would do so in a heartbeat

And change the very things

That I never wanted to repeat

Broaden horizons

Where there was none

And allow for rising

Even after it was all done

If I could turn back time

I would signify peace

On a scale never before seen

And be the very cure

In a world that has lost its way

And all else in between

Or so it seems

As I deem

And watching the sun gleam

Yet be tightly sewn and closed

Down to the very last seam

And show what it is to be

The light from the tower

That overlooks the sea

If I could turn back time

I would go and find

Real hope and spread it about

And changing lives

With a single antidote

And have words that reach

Even further than I could

Even hope

Right after I

Speak and spoke

Turning darkness into light

Even in the most hidden away

Corners and crevices

All with a smile

And putting more emphasis

On happy tears

And leaving behind closed fists

As I persist

Couldn’t resist

To be the very person

That would exist

In this life and world

That truly wanted people

To be as a pearl

Just discovered at the shore

And finding more efficient

Ways to do even more

Fire at the core

And just ready to pour

It all over the world

As I twist and twirl

My way throughout this place

In every case

And face

Each race

And leave behind a trace

Of me

That sets a calmness everywhere

And in doing so

Be and intreat

Beyond compare

Being fair

Each time that I take it there

And doing so voluntarily

Not on a dare

Making the world be aware

Of what could actually happen

If we all just slowed down

Stopped and cared

Removing pain and despair

And being the very bird

That takes to the air

And fly all over

And everywhere

As all would find

For this and more

I would do

If I could just turn back time


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