Poetic Pulse



Feel my poetic pulse 

Chasing and racing 

After the lyrical antidote 

Taking notes 

Reciting what I wrote 

Speaking what I spoke 

With such a vibe and synergy 

And feeling this poetic energy 

Circulating through my veins 

Poetry on the brain 

Poetry on the mind 

Reaching and breaching 

The inner and outer confines 

Pulse beating 

And pulsating 

At speeds that are never slow 

Moving steadily 

And readily  

Yet always on the go 

Basking in my poetical growth 

Moving words and lines 

With my poetic flow 

And watching myself evolve 

As my poetry is my mission 

And I support my resolve 

With every rendition 

And with the unique intention 

To inject what has been missing 

And never be in direct contravention 

When it comes my poetical inventions 

Critical thinking 

That is forever sinking 

Into and within the deep recesses 

Of my mind and heart 

Body and soul 

Moving pass, the temperatures 

Of hot and cold 

Being bold 

Embracing poetry 

As it welcomed me 

Long ago to the fold 

Feeling my pulse increase 

Never a decrease 

Poetic wonders never cease 

As I aim my poetry 

To be the very heartbeat 

Of the streets 

And the air 

Because I dare 

To put out floetic poetry 

That will be well known 

And be beyond compare 

To go down as the poet 

That always took it there 

And didn’t care 

Putting the entire world on notice 

Even when unfair 

Hope at my core 

Hungry for even more 

And to become the very lair 

That invited all to this poetry 

From everywhere 

To read what I wrote 

Heard what I spoke 

As I wear poetry like a coat 

Heart beating 

And further proceeding 

With poetry unlike any other 

As I’m live and in color 

Ever present and humble 

And never here to boast 

For I just know

What I’m able and capable of

And truly aware 

Of my poetic ability 

And with a pulse that is steady 

Yet was born ready 

Unlike most 

As I’m constantly feeling 

And always channeling 

This poetic pulse 


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