Belief System



Principles that define and redefine  

People and who they are 

In their hearts and minds 

And what makes up their existence 

Along with their life purpose 

In many aspects along the way 

And over much time 

Tenets forming the basis 

And ideology that cements a foundation 

From the inside out 

And being entirely what one 

Is all about 

A complete picture 

And mirror of self 

With the basis of one’s life 

Along with all else 

The figured out and the yet to discover 

But not always ready to accept 

More truths that tend to break cover 

As some truths can shatter 

The very fabric 

Of one’s whole belief system 

Supportive of that belief 

And with age and experience 

This system tends to increase 

With no intention of decrease 

And unable to let go of

Or break away when this  

Comes to a screeching halt or begins to cease 

Just rather be comfortable in falsehoods and lies 

And succumb to cognitive dissonance 

As opposed to embracing more 

The acceptance of something new  

And of the unknown 

But instead rather push it away 

And leave it alone 

But if that which arrives 

Is the real truth 

That has been hidden away from you 

And is better suited for your life 

Then what will you do 

Continue on so strong 

With only the knowledge you currently have 

And only suffice with this no matter what 

Comes upon you 

The fear of coming undone and loosened 

Even when the new can be absolutely proven 

But rather stunt growth  

But rather lay down with what  

You think you know 

For there is more to life 

Than what occupies your being 

More than what your mere reasons are 

For there is so much more out there 

To learn and behold 

But rather stay warm 

Than breach through the cold as well 

For your mind has trouble letting go 

When your belief system breaks down 

And at that point 

You have no clue what to do 

With yourself anymore 

When the roof and foundation 

Of your belief and situation 

Comes crumbling down or collapses 

Especially when the newly revealed 

And that of the unknown 

Starts to challenge the synapsis 

When your brain and long memories 

Experiences and intricacies 

Began to fade away 

All from living closed up 

As opposed to being flexible 

And more opened up 

For you must always prepare yourself 

For anything 

And get in the mindset 

Of what the unknown can offer and bring 

As to not wind up 

Or end up 

Going through mental and emotional suffering 

All because it took you  

Out of your box and comfort zone 

Frustrated and disturbed 

That this new thing won’t leave you alone 

And having to swallow truths 

That flip your world upside down 

And feels just flat wrong 

But doesn’t mean that it is 

Just because it appears or feels different 

Than how you’ve always lived 

For fate can be sealed 

Beyond what you already know 

And at certain times in life 

We have to learn to just let go 

And allow room 

For further improvement and growth 

Because the truth will not always be comfortable 

And give immediate effect or relief 

From where it originated 

Or came from 

All from being stuck and programmed 

In your belief system 


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