The Pitfalls Of Education



Being educated in ways 

That mislead and misguide 

For years and days 

Yet it persuades and conveys 

On many levels 

Everything that is wrong 

With and within the system itself 

Serving itself and nothing else 

Lies being told 

Deceptions being taught 

True historical facts hidden away 

With stats and figures 

On display that keeps everyone 

Indoctrinated and programmed 

Beyond compare 

And most just believe and accept 

Anything that just goes there 

Creativity and critical thinking 

Is completely discouraged 

With talents being discouraged 

Questions and diving deeper 

Challenging the status quo 

And the materials that takes us 

Further and further away from what 

We all actually need to know 

As some of us began to see 

That there is something very wrong 

And seen as illogical are simple minded 

Just for stating at times the obvious 

Ridiculed and often times 

Even met with trouble and disdain 

And making one feel ashamed 

Just for noticing the senselessness

And deceptions that remain 

Continue to go unchanged 

And insulted for not doing the same 

Or going with the grain 

Instead of against it 

When all pieces of this existence 

Points to methods so outdated 

Failure being demonstrated 

Due to being totally controlled 

And subjugated 

Which in turn causes denial of the real truth 

Unacceptance due to being more comfortable 

And laying with lies 

Instead of being despised 

When all of this occurs constantly 

Right before our very eyes 

And ties our minds 

In a way that combines 

Falsehoods that go with the times 

But out of line 

With most just too afraid 

To dispel with all of this 

And peer pressure to stay with this 

Even when you know and feel 

That this is off in so many ways 

But taught as a child 

To just roll with it anyway 

No matter what 

And being too much 

When thinking and researching much deeper 

On the fly and off the cuff 

And as such 

Most stay just where they are 

And have always been 

Which is where you programmed 

And expected to stay and be 

As this is and has always been 

The recipe for mental and emotional disaster 

But the truth people 

Is something we must always 

Be diligently seeking after 

No matter what it takes 

And not to succumb into further denialism 

Along with getting more comfortable 

In places and things that we 

Just should not be 

Because cognitive dissonance 

Is running and moving rapidly  

I’m afraid and unfortunately 

And wanted to convey 

Just how things are 

By far 

To set a new standard and bar 

That embraces truth 

And forgoes lies along with 

Hidden information and real history 

That either lies dormant or 

Never actually brought to the surface 

For if we never learn from the past 

Then we’re doomed to definitely repeat it 

Over and over it again 

As time has shown 

For there is nothing wrong 

With standing alone 

In truth and actual reality 

And having the gumption and bravery 

Boldness and capacity 

Along with the willingness to seek out more 

Close the windows and open the doors 

To what is really out there  

And to really dig deeper 

To find it all out 

And see what the world  

Along with this life 

Is truly about 

Stepping out of the darkness and shade 

And into some bright light 

With hopes that it will illuminate your way 

And take you to the real place 

That has been waiting for you 

And making the first step in that direction 

By accepting the truths 

And leaving behind the lies 

That has done nothing more 

Than kept you in a corner for years 

And in a false comfort zone 

As miseducation continues to condone 

Everything but the real truths 

But what you do from here 

Is entirely up to all of you 

To embrace that which is unknown 

Or stay in further indoctrination 

For this and much more 

Has been the pitfalls of education 


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