Prisoners Of Green


The wealth gap of this world 

Continues to grow 

Larger and larger by the day 

And has become the very truth 

That we all share  

And have come to know 

Being something that 

Further separates us 

And splits us apart 

Those with heart 

And those without 

As greed has consumed 

Those that are in control 

Without a doubt 

Of all the world’s wealth 

And leaving no space or room 

For anyone else 

And completely comfortable 

Watching everyone else 

Go through life without having enough 

Stressed out constantly 

And barely having enough 

Or the lack thereof 

And having more than enough 

Than is actually needed 

While others are just 

Barely getting by 

Just simply breathing 

Yet hardly proceeding 

And having to watch 

These people truly live 

With painful tears in their eyes 

For what most wouldn’t give 

For just a small piece of the pie 

And cannot get back any amount 

Of time gone by 

Unable to really cross 

The finish line 

And asking why 

While on the daily grind 

But it’s never enough 

Upset due to a reality 

That seems so out of touch 

Or feels unreachable 

Due to all the hogging 

And the unsharing of wealth 

Beyond greedy and selfish 

And kept all to self 

Seeing nothing wrong with this 

When it comes to everyone else 

A world left in a constant state of flux 

Chaotic and sore 

Just alone from the mere thoughts 

Of wanting and needing more 

And a constant uneven score 

Feeling the effects of being without 

Each time they walk out of the door 

While others parade around 

Just living it up 

With others fed up 

And have had enough 

Life that is on pause 

As being broke 

Truly disrupts and interrupts 

Everything else 

Because the mega or ultra-rich 

Are not the only ones 

That want more for themselves 

As the wealth gap persists 

But of course, it’s our fault 

For not wanting to cross certain lines 

That would ruin other’s lives 

Just to have more 

For so many have 

A disaster of a moral compass 

Or not one at all 

Sitting and enjoying life 

And taking a front row seat 

All while watching 

The rest of society’s downfall 

From head to feet 

And all else in between 

For with or without money 

We all have become 

The prisoners of green 


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