Poetical Expression



Poetry can be and act 

As an outlet 

An escape even for a little while 

As it can land at times 

Between a frown and smile 

The good and bad 

The right the wrong 

As it’s an art form 

That tends to express itself 

Beyond the standard and norm

Quite often it seems 

With many interpretations 

That cling to its unique nature 

And being one with the poetic 

For at times for a poet 

It looks and feels magnetic 

As a very strong bond 

Has been forged and solidified 

Reached and magnified 

As poetry can take one 

On a vast journey and feel  

A very strong high 

As heights and levels of poetry 

Are reached through this literary art 

As poetry is life 

And life is poetry 

From the very start 

And as a poet 

Not ever be apart 

From this thing called poetry 

And use it diligently 

To shine and place 

A spotlight on the world 

Through the power of words 

And go well beyond what 

Is seen and heard 

Read and listened to 

For poetry lives and breathes 

And has always had a unique perspective 

Stated and shown from its very own 

Point of view 

To feel and behold 

To commit to long lasting memory 

And welcome many to the fold 

Both young and old 

Daring and bold 

And with the freedom to manifest itself 

And not be undone 

As it reaches out 

Everywhere and to everyone 

In all directions 

And with a few life lessons 

For this is the essence 

Of poetical expression 


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