Thinking Beneath The Tree



As I sit here thinking 

Wondering and pondering 

Over this life 

And to all that it brings 

Along with those things 

That haven’t begun to appear 

Thinking the entire time 

That I’m sitting right here 

On a bench alone 

With memories 

That are scattering 

Between the right and wrong 

Regrets and decisions 

That all along 

Tell a very specific tale 

As I feel very compelled 

To dive just a little bit deeper 

Into the known and unknown 

And trying to leave behind 

That same old dance and song 

Looking about this place 

With a look upon my face 

That I can’t quite tell what 

Is actually going on exactly 

Or taking place

Ignoring completely how I feel 

As time and nature around me 

Continues to reveal in ways 

That I don’t always catch 

As my mind  


Reaches a maze 

And gets in a haze 

While in the middle of a phase 

That can go on for days 

And nights at a time 

Worried that things won’t fall in line 

When I need them to 

All while trying to stay up 

Despite what happens  

And what I do and don’t do 

Yet hoping that when the change 

Or corrections take place 


That I have a clue 

And head in the direction 

That is best for me 

As I continue to sit  

And think beneath the tree 


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