Looking Out Of The Window



Just sitting here in self silence 

And in the quiet 

As I’m right here 

Looking out of the window 

And in deep thought 

As it will appear 

Staring out to the outside 

And with a long look 

On my face as the light 

Just glares within my eyes 

And nothing to do in this moment 

Other than just simply be here 

Again, in deep thought 

But with no concern or fear 

Just sitting right here 

Staring out of the window 

To the world outside 

All while residing 

On the inside of my room 

Feeling alright but a little consumed 

And thinking next on what to do 

Wandering if I should just 

Step outside 

For I definitely have the time 

To settle and unwind for a little bit 

And watching as the sun rays 

Kiss the ground below 

And rolling from the sky 

With a steady flow 

And a show of radiance 

As this area seems like simple art 

Yet with a significance 

That cannot be put into complete 

Words or sentences 

But can feel and see 

The emphasis of the light outside 

As I’m witnessing the wind 

Taking the leaves for a ride 

And doing so within 

This short amount of time 

As I sit here 

Very still and visiting my thoughts 

All while the images I notice 

Are starting to grow 

For this and so much more 

Is what I feel and see 

As I’m looking out of the window 


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