The natural beauty 

And poise of the waterfall 

Thick or thin 

Short or tall 

Just falling and flowing 

Before us all 

With its constant motion 

That one can’t help 

But keep and hold  

Your attention and focus 

Running so effortlessly 

For its essence is plenty 

And never in short supply 

Looking at it from below 

Or from the aerial sky 

Appreciating it for what  

It truly is and can be 

And no need to ever ask why 

As we at times tend 

To occupy its same space 

Standing underneath 

And feeling it flow gently 

With a natural sensation 

And a rush against the body and face 

For in this very moment and instance 

Could there be a better place? 

To be at and reside 

Low or high 

And with the force 

Of a small or large tide 

Wanting to be here always 

And with no need to ever persuade 

For seeing this natural wonder 

Is one to embrace and behold 

And always sold on this 

With a feeling and memory 

That will never fade 

And a place you can’t evade 

As the waterfall is 

And will be 

The cascade 


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