The art of poetry

The style and heart of poetry

The flow and feel of poetry

Does so with such a vibe

Felt inside

And pushed to the outside

As a poet tends to journey

And feel as if

They’re on a natural high

The look of poetry

The readings of poetry

The writing of poetry

And the speaking and also

Reciting of poetry

Just has such a vibe

Reaching and breaching

The emotional atmosphere

Flying and diving

Each time it comes near

Communicated and demonstrated

Every time that it appears

Much sensation

With many vibrations

That reeks of synergy

And boundless energy

For this is only

A mere piece of poetry

As a poet just simply enjoys

And never ask why

For when they are in poetry mode

Please do nothing

To hinder or kill this vibe

As they are in deep thought

Because writing poetry is a process

That comes with each render

As most of us

Are talented and self-taught

And becoming more seasoned

The more we write and express

This poetic fascination

That needs no explanation

As poetry is always open to


As I conveyed in

A previous poetic piece

Called poemology

And to allow poetic interest to increase

As poetic wonders never cease

For we as poets

Must continue to feed

The poetic beast

The lies inside

Always on it

Never dormant

As the storm brews both day and night

For you must understand

That we always have

The urge and need to write

Sitting at times in the dark

But showcasing light

For we eat poetry

We breathe poetry

We sleep poetry

Walk and run poetry

Love and live poetry

Taking to the sky

And on a natural poetic high

Embracing and showcasing

This poetical vibe

That just feels right

And never an oddity

As we as poets

Are always tuned in

And operate with our very own frequency

For this and more

Comes over and within

The many waves of poetry

And something I like to call



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