If poetry is any indication

Then most know that it’s an art form

Through much appreciation

And the literary and lyrical storm

That has and will always have

It’s very own vibration

A unique sensation

Felt through poets

With much inspiration and dedication

When it comes to this art

And to not allow

Even one day

To be separated from it

Or be torn apart

Writing and penning

With much heart

And never be wrought

Creative and critical

With each and every thought

As a poetic individual

For poetry is continual


And to some a ritual

Be motivational


With lots of potential

The eventual

Way that it will be

That everyone will witness and see

As the poet further succumbs

To the art of poetry

For poets possess magnification

As they share a demonstration

Of these poetic shock waves

And vibrant oscillation

That is communicated and shared

By many others

For poetry always wish

To express and convey

The poetic to one another

As poetry

Operates on its own frequency

And has the unique tendency

To affect people and the world

In ways that even surpass

Poetry itself

Being what it is

And nothing else

Constant movement

As opposed to staying on a shelf

Being an artistic equilibrium

All parts and not just the sum

Composed and never froze

Stability and symmetry

That commands the literary

As most will find

From talented poets

With a calm but very busy

State of mind

As poetry has them in a trance

Yet renders the poet

In a perfect lyrical balance

Both inside and outside

Through every spoken

And written line

Word for word

And far beyond what

Has been seen and heard

And continues to occur

Spoon and stir

The power of words

For all to experience

As poets and poetry

Share a bond and relationship

That is always adored

And willingly contractual

Radical and factual

As poets write from their heart and soul

Mind and body

And being rational to them

Even when no one else

Sees or feel this

For a poet must always express

What it means to be connected to poetry

And why they must persist

Can’t resist

As this form of art

Separates them from all the rest

As this comes naturally

Not just occasional

Wonderful and sensational

As poets and poetry

Connect with the vibrational


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