The Art Of Poetry 8



The final one 

For it has been fun 

Expressing just how great 

Poetry is and can be 

For it has placed poets 

Underneath its canopy 

In a world that poets live in 

Reside in 

And where words and lines 

Begin to trend 

Flow until the end 

Displaying the power within 

Through thick and thin 

The universal spin 

On the literary 

For the creative times 

And the artistic 

Being ever so realistic 


Warp speeds  

That lyrically 

Embrace the epitome 

Of this thing called poetry 





For all to feel and see 

Commit to memory 

And doing so with much flair 

Along with dignity 



Written constructs 

That are never enough 

Always in touch 

And never too much 

And as such 

Leads to reciting 

So, inviting 

The vocality 

That speaks  

And is spoken 

Yet taken in by 

The auditory 

And on a poetic spree 

Being the very dreams 

Upon varying degrees 

Both the hidden and seen 

Giving what’s missing 

And being all that it’s wants to be 

Forever and ever 

Through every poetic endeavor 

Art as a science 

And also, clever 

Both classic and modern 

And never says never 

To be apart  

Of the poetic universe 

Is both a gift and a curse 

For a poet’s destiny 

Was already predetermined 

And set to be one 

That winds up being great 

And leaving behind 

With the help of poetry 

A long legacy 

That will far exceed 

When the poet lived and breathe 

As poetry will live on 

Through eternity 


And releasing 

All that it wants 

And strives to be 

The poetic need  

To succeed 

And forever be 

The ongoing flame 

As poetry itself 

Will never change 

And have free rein 

Lyrically and openly 

Remaining the same 

As the world will always see 

For this is my final description 

Of the art of poetry 


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