The Art Of Poetry 7



The artistic rush 

As paints on the very brush 

Against the paper and canvass 

Or so it seems 

As poetry deems 

To spread and enhance dreams 

Written from the word go 

And light that is always on green 

So much substance 

And various colors 

For poetry is an art form 

Unlike any other 

As every poet knows this 

To be true 

Moving about as one 

But enough for two 

With vast intricacies 

And art that is so amazing 

Yet shining and showcasing 

Both in dark and light 

Being and feeling right 

Art that bites 

And makes one think 

Pushing poets to the brink 

Of literary excellence 

When they came here and went 

And where they are going  

From here forward 

As poetry always pulls 

Poets and people towards it 

And it doesn’t take very long 

To realize this 

With each poetic moment 

And has been doing so 

Ever since 

It’s very inception 

For poetry is the art 

That sends waves out 

In every direction 

As it embraces the power of words 

And being more  

Than what is seen and heard 

And on the verge to become 

Even more 

The open and closed 

Virtually and literally 

Exposes its very core 

Its root  

And height of its tree 

The artistic entity 

That lives and breathes 

For this is 

The art of poetry 


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