The Art Of Poetry 6



Just let poetry be 

What it is and means 

To so many 

Being what it is 

So that it can live 

And never be held back 

Takes and gives 

And will never lack 



Open expression 

That just flows and goes 

In every direction 

The gift and the bow 

Mixed with obsession 

For poetry is 

For poetry can be 

For poetry exists 

For poetry flows 

Grows and knows 

It’s place in this world 

Live and in color 

And the very pearl  

In the closed and opened 

Oyster shell 

For poets  

As the artists that they are 

Feel compelled always 

To take poetry very far 

As poetry sets the bar 

Very high 

And poets long to 

Forever fly 

With this poetic artistry 

The universal and dispersal 

Of the literary 

And all that is poetical 

But also varies and carries 

Time and time again 

From beginning to end 

And doesn’t just depend solely on 

Nor only have one home 

Waiting for poets 

To craft and hone 

The very place in this world 

To which it belongs 

Taking into the auditory 

But also seen and embraced visually 

For this is just another aspect 

Of the art of poetry 


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