The Art Of Poetry 5



Something unique and simplistic 

And being something 

In and of its own 

That is so artistic 

And knows exactly where it belongs 

Yet natural in the sense 

That it fits in so well 

Far beyond what anyone can tell 

Like the piece of the puzzle 

That made completion fun 

And not something to be 

Easily outdone 

And just waiting for a poet 

To grab hold 

And welcome them to the fold 

But to engage with poetry 

Is not just for the literary 

But intrigues the mind and heart 

And feeds the body and soul 

Yet as a whole 

It can roam alone 

But with speech or paper 

To call its home 

Penned and written 

And vocally expressed 

Open to interpretation 

And being nothing less  

Or short of amazing 

And with this notion 

All that it will ever bring 

The elixir and potion 

That moves and grooves 

And self-soothes 

Inside and outside of the poet 

And just flows like the ocean 

The circular breeze 

That enters and exits the trees 

And just being everything 

That it wants to be 

All the way down 

To the water droplet 

Resting on a leaf 

For this and more 

Is the art of poetry 


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