Recite (Part 2)



For who knew 

That I would come back here 

Again, with this part two 

And doing what I know 

In my heart is right 

Each and every single time 

That I write 

In the dark 

Or underneath a bright light 

And doing this always 


How I feel in that moment in time 

As the words just come to me 

And just fall in line 

But then comes a time 

When writing alone isn’t enough 

And needing to express myself 

More verbally 

In order to stay in touch 

Speaking from what was written 

Yet doing as such 

And not asking why 

Yet also speaking and spoke 

Right then and there on the fly 

For if you come closer 

You will witness and see 

Poetry just burning within my eyes 

An artistic yearning 

To connect with the literary 

Aiming to be more poetic 

And mix things up lyrically 

For I 

Am on a poetic high 

And conjuring up new titles 

Right there on the fly 

For I 

Don’t ask why 

I just roll with this 

And grab the nearest 

Paper and pen nearby 

And began to speak the words 

With fire in my eyes 

Spoken words 

With electricity attached 

To every poetic line 

Always on my poetic grind 

And right on time 

Being sublime 

For I am a poet 

In the middle of their prime 

As poetry I find 

To be quite amazing 

Being so inviting 

And far reaching 

As I’m now reciting 

And poetically speaking 

Both on the fly 

And from what I was writing 

And doing so with a bite 

Taking flight 

Approaching new heights 

Constantly in this fight 

For I have the right 

To express myself as an artist 

And to shine a spotlight 

Upon this world 

Through many hearts and minds 

And shake up the times 

Original and unique pieces 

That are completely mine 

As I’m beginning 

To put more emphasis 

On my words and lines 

And becoming more and more 

Of a lyricist each and every time 

As reciting one’s work 

Gives it even more power 

As I take a moment to step down 

From my poetic tower 

And devoting many hours 

To my craft and skill 

As my poetic pieces will reveal 

For through poetry 

My fate has been sealed 

To live and breathe the poetic 

And be a poet 

Until time stands still 

And even after that 

For I am an artist and purist 

And this is a matter of fact 

Very exact 

When my poetry attacks 

As I continue to stack 

And react 

Yet open to the front and back 

Of the poetic menu 

For poetry is something 

I simply must do 

Always in close proximity 

And within range and view 

For me and poetry 

Will never be through 

Over and done with 

For I’m a scientist with this 

Can’t resist 

Will persist 

Being a raw lyricist 

And aiming to be 

A literary genius 

And targeting the whole world 

With a poetic flow 

That is armed and won’t miss 

As I continue to pen and write 

And being poetically concise 

Open mic 

Very detailed and precise 

Not think twice 


Float as a kite 

Be more than alright 

And taking a bow 

Underneath dim warm lights 

Surpassing the status quo 

And keeping it tight 

With my poetic flow 

For this is who I am 

And what I do 

For this is the conclusion 

Of recite part two 


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