Unknown Journey



Walking on worn feet 

But yet I continue on 

For this journey speaks to me 

And has been quite long 

For I believe  

That it is right and not wrong 

And calling me over 

To a new place to call home 

And what I may face 

Or what may actually 

Take place is truly unknown 

Running on hope and faith 

As I travel along 

Hoping to not run out  

Of this two fuels and motivation 

Because life can be prone 

To distractions and misdirection 

As I trying to keep my mind focused 

On this path and intersection 

Bare feet in sand 

Bare feet on solid ground 

And searching for miles around 

Then I take a glance at the sky 

And see the sun 

About to set and go down 

But this will not detour me 

From where I know  

I need to go 

Even though I can’t see  

Everything ahead 

But I must keep moving  

Nonetheless instead 

As I must complete this journey 

And see it through 

For I must do so 

Even if it’s the last thing that I do 

As I prove to myself 

That I can do this 

I am strong 

I can carry on 

I am able to withstand 

Things coming my way 

And even having enough bravery and belief 

To keep on walking this way 

Into an area to which 

I’m unsure what lies ahead 

And what’s waiting for me 

But one thing I know is 

I will keep walking 

Until I reach what it is 

That I need to see 

And reside 

For with time 

I’m sure all will be revealed 

Right before my very eyes 

I just have to hang on 

A little while longer 

And with each step 

Try to become stronger 

With energy dwindling 

And steadily walking 

On worn feet 

But yet I continue on 

Right along 

To the place that I seek 

Traveling far and wide 

To this unknown journey 


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