Much Healing Needed



Dealing with things 

Both in the present and past 

And wandering the entire time 

Just how much longer 

Will this last 

As these and more 

Have greatly surpassed 

The positive outlook 

As its most of the time 


And being resistant 

At times to much needed change 

And unaccepting 

Of what has remained 

On the inside 

Which tends to display 

Very differently on the outside 

And at times 

Coming to no surprise 

To those one holds most dear 

But even some of those 

Can’t truly see what 

Hardly ever appears 

That which has never been confessed to 

Or ever said out loud 

Holding in so much 

That has never made you proud 

Feeling less or useless even 

Maybe without purpose as well 

Obsessed and compelled 

And like being under 

A constant trance and spell 

For if you look into their eyes long enough 

You’ll be able to tell 

As the eyes are the window to the soul 

For there are many people 

Walking around everyday 

Feeling empty or with a massive hole 

On the inside 

Feeling incomplete 

Whether lying down 

Or on their feet 

With tears held in 

And falling by the night 

So much unfairness and wrong 

And not seeing enough right 

More darkness than light 

And unable to see a future 

That would be close to being bright 

As this is life 

For some people out there 

And most are completely unaware 

Of the burden and pain 

That so many are carrying around 

That just continues to remain 

Both near and far away 

For many feel unheard 

Even when they pray 

And be that as it may 

Just know 

That many are feeling this way 

Each and everyday 

Hard to sleep 

But awaken 

To the same old thing 

With no hint of much needed change 

And just trying to hold on 

For dear life 

Anyway, that they can 

Existing but barely surviving 

Across these many lands 

With feet stuck and sinking in quick sand 

As they watch others thriving 

And sitting oftentimes all alone 

Even when others are present 

And have yet to live out 

Or realize their full potential and essence 

In a closed reality 

That is even out of reach 

By phone and other technology 

Staying this way 

Until they finally acquire 

That which they seek 

As life for them 

Seems to have been stuck on repeat 

Walking and standing on worn feet 

And a tired mind 

A drained body 

And a heart of pain 

For this may seem strange 

To those who have never experienced 

Such a thing 

But it does exist 

And consist of all 

The things stated right here 

And probably even more 

Being in a world 

With a soul that is sore 

So, don’t judge someone 

Unless you’ve been in their shoes 

But instead 

Show them a way 

To actually improve 

As some may truly feel 

Like hope and life 

Through stress and strife 

Has left the body 

Like heat or the very spark 

That once made them 

As they no longer recognize 

Or can identify 

With who they see in the mirror 


And reached a position and place 

Where they feel defeated 

As they need real help 

And much needed healing


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