The Purple Hallway



Walking down 

The purple hallway 

Out of sight  

But in the middle of the day 

Hoping that being here 

For a little while 

Causes a slight smile 

As my thoughts take shape 

Lighted good enough 

But mostly dark at the end 

Seeing where I started 

But unsure where it ends 

So, I just stand in the center 

And about halfway down 

For it feels cool  

As a brisk winter 

And here alone 

With no one else around 

Staying here for a little while 

Before going forward bound 

Hearing nothing at all 

As pure silence has been found 

Looking left 

And looking right 

Both up and down 

Taking in the purple lights 

With a straight face and no frown 

Focusing on my steady heartbeat 

And feeling my pulse rate 

Weight firmly planted on both feet 

Just enjoying the moment without sound 

And as of late 

Nowhere to go right now 

So here I wait 

No need to say anything 

And not up for a debate 

As I entered here 

And came through the gate 

Alone and wanting it this way 

Thinking and feeling ways 

That would be hard to convey 

So, I’m just here at the moment 

With this purple light 

Caressing my face 

And began to make way 

Towards the end of the hall 

Very balanced 

So not expecting a fall 

Moving along nicely 

Until I reached the end 

But then 

I just disappeared 

From this place right here 

As I took a deep breath 

Stood and paused 

From being so near 

For I’m unsure 

What exactly awaits me 

At this time of day 

As I reached the very end 

Of the purple hallway 


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