Red Wine And Regrets



Just sitting here thinking 

And drinking 

About the life 

I haven’t lived yet 

Wondering and pondering over 

Red wine and regrets 

Night by night 

And day by day 

As time is being 

Just stolen away 

From me and so it feels 

Spending wasted time 

Just sitting still 

And watching life roll by 

With the past constantly saying 

Hello but never goodbye 

Sitting here with no traction 

And what I wouldn’t give 

For a little action 

Instead and inhaling and exhaling 

Negative reactions 

Partial and missing satisfaction 

Accomplishing very little 

As each day and night 

Just keeps on lapsing 

Wandering the entire time 

How life would’ve been 

And could’ve been 

If I had only 

Secured and was able to truly 

Initiate and execute my dreams 

Watching them leave  

And not come to fruition 

The unfulfilled mission 

And like I have a condition 

As this has been my life 

Or so it seems 

Leaning left and not right 

Feeling and experiencing 

Every single bite 

That has come upon my life 

Both awake and sleep 

Night and day 

And living with this 

As the very case 

When I have the potential 

In so many ways 

If only the chance 

Had presented itself 

And had actually been able 

To take advantage 

In every single way 

Living constantly 

In the agony 

Of not watching my life 

Take form and shape 

For many years and days 

And thinking about 

Just how much time I have left 

As I look above 

Missing true love 

And robbed of the pleasure 

Of having true happiness 

Missing more and feeling less 

And obsessed 

With accessing my true self 

For I no longer recognize 

My own reflection 

Because now I look like 

Someone else 

As the mirror keeps revealing 

In the dark or under dim light 

Just sitting here alone

Thinking and drinking

About the life 

I haven’t lived yet 

Wondering and pondering over 

Red wine and regrets 


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