Though I Wander



Wandering this world 

And taking a look around 

Walking at times to nowhere 

Even when I’m not feeling down 

Footprints left behind 

And living life within 

Predetermined lines 

On the daily 

As I examine myself 


To see just where 

Life is going 

And in what direction 

It is flowing 

Walking a barren land 

Both outside and inside  

Of my head 

Taking steps to somewhere 

And to what may lie ahead 

Reaching for greatness 

But feeling very lost instead 

Roaming around aimlessly 

With what only I can see 

Right around me 

Basking in the empty land 

That is surrounding me 

Up and down hills 

As the environment reveals 

Trying to find natural comfort 

Without taking a pill 

To aid in the way I’m feeling 

Just going through life existing 

But never actually living 

With the positive often 

Just resisting 

And not close to listening 

As being dazed and confused 

Seems to grow even fonder 

And wandering even farther 

And further away 

Constantly daydreaming 

Each and every day 

Ready to take on and tackle more 

But feeling stuck behind 

A closed glass door 

But can see out ahead 

And just waiting to go 

In the direction 

That will allow my soul 

To feel and be fed 

A light heart instead of heavy 

And finding a simple space 

That isn’t already occupied and filled 

Inside of my head 

As I remain constantly in a state of flux 

Of concern and worrying 

With consistent ponder 

Just roaming this world 

With both empty and full thoughts 

And though I wander 


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