Electric Night



On this night 

And in the dark 

Stepping outside 

And wanting to embark 

Upon a journey 

That will be 

The best one despite 

All that it is seen 

In front of me 

Taking in the lightning 

And allowing myself 

To embrace the extreme 

Even as horrible 

As it may seem 

Just trying to see 

The positive outlook 

That lies above me 

Though stormy 

I can still grab hold  

Of something 

And maybe something also 

That others cannot see 

Even as the very weather 

Drops in degrees 

For I refuse 

To let this slow me down 

Or even stop me 

Because I am a storm myself 

And will meet this night 

Head on and face to face 

From this night until dawn 

Standing my ground 

Even when fatigued  

And starting to yawn 

The very tornado 

That can break down the barn 

For am I cold 

For I am warm 

As I’m full of energy 

With lightning 

Brewing and coursing 

Through my veins 

For what I’m saying 

And expressing 

May seem strange 

But my synergy 

And electricity 

That is circling  

Inside and outside of me 

Begs to unleash 

At anytime  

But in this moment 

It chose right now 

For in my heart and mind 

Body and soul 

I have conquered somehow 

The dark 

And stepped into the light 

No fear of walking outside 

For it’s just right 

Even in the midst of the storm 

For I am brave and bold 

And see it unfold 

Do what I know 

And not set off any alarms 

Inside of me 

For on this night 

I am no longer afraid or fearful 

To simply just be me 

And take a full bite 

Out of life 

So just watch me 

As I 

Absorb and take on 

This electric night 


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