Riding Ripples



A wrinkle  

A wave 

That forms and flows 

By the day 

Comes and goes 

And does as it may 

Just running the surface 

As if on purpose 

Like the wind through the trees 

And moving in a series 

Oftentimes from an object 

Or the slightest breeze 

As I enter the water 

And began to engage 

Surrounding me from all directions 

And love it this way 

I lay down on top of this 

And stretch out above 

Taking in the sensations 

In this watery indication 

Allowing myself in this moment 

To take a small vacation 

The ripples come in to me 

And they also go away 

Watching as all of this 

Moves all over the place 

A natural case 

That can be traced 

Each time that I reach out 

And just enjoying whatever this is about 

Just being in the moment 

Of something so amazing and simple 

As I’m lying right here 

And riding the ripples 


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